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Frequently Asked

Here are some of the most common questions we get about what we do and how we do it. If you still have any questions please feel free to use the "Contact Us" tab in the menu bar.

How long will my order take?

Items purchased from the "Shop" which are ready-to print will be printed within 24-48 hours of placing the order.

Customized orders will vary widely on the type of customization and the design.  


Will I be able to see my item before I purchase?

Items ordered from the "Shop" as ready-to-print are shown in a mock-up image in the shop listing. This is a true approximation to the actual final printed product. No items will be designed, produced or printed prior to full payment being processed. When an item is ordered for customization, you will receive an email with the mock-up of your item with the purpose of being reviewed carefully for corrections or edits needed prior to printing. The actual item will be printed once your mock-up has been approved in writing. Please refer to the Return Policy for more info on this topic.


Can I put a picture on my custom order?

We can only add pictures to Sublimated prints. While we offer a wide range of sublimated items, there are some very definitive limitations on the process. Please check the description of the item you wish to purchase in order to determine if it is a sublimation product and if it qualifies for full color image printing.    


What is sublimation?

Sublimation is a chemical process that occurs with a special type of ink which adheres to specific types of surfaces. During the pressing process, the ink (which has now become a gas) adheres to the fibers or prepared surface and becomes permanent. This means the ink will not fade or peel off from the sublimated surface. Sublimation can ONLY be successful on high-polyester count fabric or surfaces manufactured with a poly-coating. Cotton fabrics and non-prepared surfaces will not sublimate.


Can I send you my own shirt or item to be sublimated or customized?

All of the items we print have been tested and tried for quality results. We would not be able to offer the same level of quality assurance using untested materials. For this reason we do not accept items from the customer to be printed on. 


If I receive my item and decide I don't want it anymore, can I return it for a refund?

Custom products are made based on the specifications given in each order. There is almost no chance that we would be able to resell an item that was ordered for customization and would therefore not be able to offer a refund based on "no longer wanting" or "needing" the item. Please refer to the Return Policy for more information.

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