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We have spent a great deal of time testing and trying our products for quality and durability. It is our mission to provide you with the greatest experience possible while shopping and connecting with us to find that "special something" that will stand the test of time. We will always strive to provide the greatest service and highest quality product at the most reasonable cost for you.


Your privacy and safety are our highest priority. Sensitive financial information related your account is not stored on any database and is not visible to any of the administrators at TALI Arts. If lost or misplaced we will not be able to retrieve any of your log-in information.  


We currently do not keep large quies of any given item in stock at any given time. It would, however, be our pleasure to allocate the needed merchandise for any request made for Wholesale or Consignment. Please submit your inquiries through a Contact Us form detailing the exact item(s) you are interested in. We will gladly get back to you with the availability and turnaround for the requested order. 


Items sold through our "Shop" are intended for small quantity purchases. If you are interested in larger purchases for Groups or Teams (i.e, employees, church ministries, team sports, etc.), please use the Contact Us form with the details pertaining to the type of order you wish to make, the number of items needed, and the "Due By" date. Each Group or Team Order is different and will require a unique quote/invoice to be generated.


- Credit / Debit Cards

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